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I am running for Congress because I am tired of seeing so many of my neighbors suffering. Too many children suffer nutrition insecurity, too many young adults aren’t attending college because they can’t afford it, and too many hard-working Americans can’t carve out a decent living.

We are seeing an economic recovery that only benefits the very wealthiest among us. The American people are paying the tab for a recession caused by Wall Street greed, and Paul Ryan is the poster boy for economics that hurt the middle class while helping those with the most.

I have a better vision. We need a budget that adds up and makes sense. We need to protect Medicare and strengthen Social Security, not privatize them or give people vouchers that buy less and less each year. After growing up poor, I lived the American Dream, starting two successful businesses that employed dozens of people and paid decent wages and benefits. I know what it takes to get America back on track.

I need your help to defeat Paul Ryan in 2014. He is a prime cause of Washington’s dysfunction, and it’s time to work together to win this seat and send an honest person to do the job.

Thanks for visiting my website. Please look around to learn more about me, and keep in touch with your ideas and questions by email or call me at (262) 657-7400.